Mixing Business with Pleasure for the last 30 years

Beltop was established in 1985 as a travel agency in Tokyo, Japan. At the time we specialized mainly in catering to expats and foreign companies based in Japan. Our main business was overseas business trips however it seems that most of our clients remember mainly our domestic ski trips to Hokkaido and have fond memories of them.
Over the years and with the airlines establishing direct bookings the business model changed from plain travel arrangement to business travel consulting catering more and more to the individual needs of our clients. Business environments have changed tremendously over the past 3 decades and the entire industry has been revolutionized by the internet and the computer age. Beltop once again refocused its position in the market by capitalizing on 30 years' experience in dealing with private business individuals and foreign companies in Asia.
Today, Beltop is a private consulting agency.

Beltop is proudly associated with the following companies with whom we have a consulting ongoing contract.

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